Vehicle Hazards In Construction Site

As we know, construction can be a very dangerous industry, and there are plenty of potential hazards that you run the risk. Driving vehicles on a construction site also comes with a set of specific hazards, which can, unfortunately, be very common if you are not paying attention or following proper protocol. These can put you out of commission for weeks, or even months and certain incidents can even be fatal!

Take a look below for information on some of the common vehicle hazards you may encounter while on a construction site.


One of the most common things that can happen on a vehicle in a construction job is that the driver can fall from the vehicle– or if someone is trying to ride on the vehicle, they could fall as well. The impact from the fall can cause a lot of harm to your body, but you could also be struck by the vehicle or run over while it is still moving. This could happen because you are not inside the vehicle properly, you are driving too fast, or more. Be sure to follow proper safety protocols and avoid getting careless to prevent this from happening.


Collisions or rollovers are also hazards that can occur with a vehicle. These are some of the most commonly seen accidents. Both of these hazards can occur due to factors such as the driver not paying attention, erratic driving, and reckless driving– similar to erratic driving. The vehicles that are used on construction sites are a lot more heavy-duty than most of the vehicles that you may find driving on the road every day, so they can also cause a lot more harm to a worker if the person is struck on the job.


Pinning is when a vehicle strikes a worker and then keeps the worker stuck or pinned between the vehicle and other objects. This can cause the worker to be seriously crushed between these objects and can be very dangerous and often fatal. This can happen while a driver is still in the vehicle and is not paying attention or does not see a worker. However, it can also happen when a driver gets out of the vehicle or leaves it in motion so that it does not stop moving and ends up striking a person.


If a person is struck while a vehicle is backing up, this is considered a backup accident. The person could be standing, walking, kneeling, or working behind the vehicle when this happens. It is not always possible for the driver of the vehicle to see the other worker who has been struck, but in most cases, these accidents can be avoided. It is believed that about 70 workers die every year from avoidable backup accidents. Some of the reasons that backup accidents may occur are, of course, the driver not paying enough attention, as well as not being able to see behind them properly.


Last but not least, cargo spills can be a hazard with vehicles on a construction site. A cargo spill refers to when anything falls out of the vehicle– this could be tools, or materials being used on the job like beams or iron. If these items are not secured properly, this could be one of the reasons that the spill happens. The weight of this cargo can be hazardous to other workers and can seriously harm them if they are struck. This debris can also be harmful to other drivers who are driving behind the vehicle that experiences the cargo spill, as it can impede their driving.


What risks do I face in a vehicle? When it comes to operating a vehicle in the workplace, this can be a very dangerous job with plenty of hazards. Some of these risks include falling out of the vehicle, collisions, or rollover incidents. Depending on factors like speed and force, these can even be deadly hazards, so it is very important to follow proper protocol and be careful.

What are the most common hazards in construction?

Falling is one of the most common hazards in the construction industry. This could include falling from ladders or scaffolding, as well as falling due to hazards on the ground that could cause slips or trips– such as water on the floor or cords. Another common hazard is strain from moving heavy objects. Even if you follow proper lifting protocol, after doing this for a while, you could still cause strain or even tears to your body and muscles. Noise can also be a hazard in construction and can damage your hearing if not wearing the proper safety equipment.

What are the top four accidents in the construction industry?

There are several different types of accidents and hazards in the construction industry, but some are more common than others. We see falls– whether from height or from slips and trips–, as well as electrocution, being struck by objects, and being caught in or between objects the most. All of these can be fatal, and it is important to evaluate your surroundings for hazards or elements that could cause these sorts of accidents, in order to prevent these incidents whenever possible. These four hazards cause more than half of construction worker deaths every year.

What is the most common cause of accidents in construction?

Accidents in construction are caused by different hazards– for example, an electrical cord on the floor can lead to a tripping accident. The most common cause of construction accidents is usually falling or flying objects, as well as vehicle accidents. Being careless while driving a vehicle on the job can lead to a lot of the different kinds of vehicle accidents that occur on job sites. Falling or flying objects can also include tools being dropped off of scaffolding while someone is working, for instance. It can be very dangerous, especially when the object is being dropped from a significant height.