What is a Field Level Hazard Assessment

Field Level Hazard Assessment

What Does Field Level Hazard Assessment Mean?

Field level hazard assessment is the process of identifying and assessing potential hazards that could affect personnel, property or the environment at or near a worksite. The purpose of field-level hazard assessment is to provide information that can be used to make decisions about how to safely manage work activities.

The evaluation is completed before any work starts at the job site. The assessment itself is designed to increases the identification of hazards, risks and unsafe work environments before the work begins. This helps decrease downtime, injury and incident reporting.

A field-level hazard assessment also gives employees the opportunity to communicate effectively with supervisors and managers about safety issues. This communication tool allows for a clear understanding of concerns and safety protocols within the structure of the company and the job itself.

How Do These Assessments Help with Risk?

A field-level assessment helps establish if company policies and procedures are being followed in the field. It provides a quick method for two-way communication to ensure that the working environment is safe and that the equipment is safe.

What Assessments can be Completed with a Field-Level Hazard App?

Each company and job site is different in the types of assessments or checks that they need to be completed. The best practice is to have a job-specific form that identifies potential issues for that job and the required equipment.

Types of assessments are

  1. Confined Space Entry
  2. Extreme Temperature Checks
  3. Fall Hazards and Fall Arrest Protocols
  4. Sharp Objects or Machinery
  5. Electrical Hazards or Issues
  6. Lighting concerns and Requirements
  7. O2 availability and Issues

This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea of the types of checks that can and need to be done at the field level.

How Does the Know More Hazard App Help?

The Know More Hazard app not only makes this process quick and efficient it is also company and job-specific. The specific nature of the app creates usable safety information for the company and the employee, rather than generic information that doesn't communicate the issues effectively.

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What Types of Activities are in the Assessments?

Field level hazard assessment includes:

- Identifying potential hazards

- Assessing the likelihood and severity of harm if a hazard occurs

- Determining the controls in place to mitigate risk

- Recommending additional controls, as needed

The results of a field-level hazard assessment should be used to develop a site-specific health and safety plan. The hazard assessment should be reviewed and updated as the work changes or new hazards are identified.

How Do you Conduct a Field Level Hazard Assessment?

Each job and each company have different safety protocols and safety issues that need to be addressed so that job safety is maintained. Often the paper version of the process can be difficult to manage and use in real-time.

When conducting a field-level hazard assessment, you should:

- Review the work to be done and identify any potential hazards

- Consider who could be harmed and how

- Evaluate the existing controls in place

- Recommend additional controls, as needed

- Document the results of the assessment

The field-level hazard assessment is an important tool for keeping employees safe and reducing incidents in the workplace. By taking the time to identify potential hazards and control risks, you can create a safer work environment for everyone.

The Know More Hazard team will help you establish the baseline forms for the current job sites you are working on. The app then guides team members through a process of checking the various hazards each day on the job site. This streamlines not only the communication but the job-specific issues. By not using paper, but using devices and cloud services the information is instantly passed on to the people that need it. This minimizes the potential for risk and also speeds up the safety process so people can get back to work.

If there is a hazard identified the solution can be implemented quickly because the issue was identified early.

Why are Field Level Risk Assessments Important?

A field-level hazard assessment is the first step in identifying and controlling risks in the workplace. It allows you to identify potential hazards and recommend controls to mitigate the risks. By taking the time to assess the risks, you can create a safer work environment for everyone.

The Know More Hazard app helps you streamline the process of conducting a field-level hazard assessment. With job-specific forms and a simple interface, you can quickly identify potential hazards and control risks. By using the app, you can create a safer work environment for everyone.

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